I'm Investor and can not withdraw all funds from the PAMM account

When you make an application on a withdrawal from PAMM there is a term - margin. This minimum amount is required for stable work of Invest account. If the Investor wishes to receive back all means, it is necessary for it to liquidate previously the investment account (to get out from managing), after which part of it will be removed from the PAMM and he will be able to fully withdraw the entire amount. Attention: if there are unprofitable positions, at their closing (during liquidation) the balance can become less, in proportion to a loss of these positions. Liquidation takes place at any time at the discretion of the Investor regardless of rollover.

It is impossible to liquidate invest account during week-end if PAMM has open positions. The rule operates from 21:00 of Friday till 23:00 Sunday (time of the server, UTC). At the same time during the application process you will receive a warning message and date/time after which you can try again.