The «RVD Markets Limited» Сompany provides the following deposit and withdrawal options:

Payment system/
Operation type1
Deposit comission2 Withdrawal comission2 Minimum sum of transaction3 Processing time of withdrawal4 Processing time of deposit4
% Min. Max. % Min. Max.
Internal transfers 0,0% 0,0% 0.01 USD
0.01 EUR
0.01 RUB
0.01 UAH
Instantly Instantly Deposit
WebMoney5 0,8% 50 USD
50 EUR
1500 RUB
250 UAH
0,8% 50 USD
50 EUR
1500 RUB
250 UAH
10 USD
10 EUR
300 RUB
80 UAH
Instantly6 Instantly Deposit
Skrill 1,0% 1,0% 10 USD
10 EUR
Instantly6 in transferring funds to the account of the Skrill and credit card Instantly Deposit
Perfect Money 0,5% 0,5% 10 USD
10 EUR
Instantly6 Instantly Deposit
CashU 7,0% X X X 10 USD
10 EUR
X Instantly Deposit
Wallet One7 from 0,0% from 0,0% 10 USD
10 EUR
300 RUB
80 UAH
Instantly6 Instantly Deposit
Interkassa8 from 0,0% X X X 10 USD
10 EUR
300 RUB
X Instantly Deposit
Payonline System9 from 0,0% X X X 10 USD
10 EUR
300 RUB
X Instantly Deposit
Bank card10 from 0,0% from 3,0% 10 USD
10 EUR
300 RUB
80 UAH
1 − 5 days Instantly Deposit
SWIFT Commission your bank from 15 USD
from 10 EUR
from 450 RUB
500 USD
500 EUR
15000 RUB
1 − 5 days 1 − 5 days Deposit

Note: Working Hours of Financial Department of the Сompany from 10.00 to 22.00 Moscow time Mon-Fri

1 − Details of Company are available in Backoffice, which are necessary for deposit and withdrawal options.

2 − The «RVD Markets Limited» Company does not charge any fees for deposit and withdrawal operations, as well as will compensate to Сlient the commissions of payment systems, associated with deposit funds.

3 − The conversion rate for the electronic payment systems is determined as interbank rate (in the terminal) + 5%, for SWIFT-transfers and bank cards - as the rate of the receiving bank.

4 − Due to the need of transfer funds of Сlients from different payment systems (incl. WebMoney) to the Bank account of the Company AND BACK the sums over 5000 USD / EUR 5,000 / 150000 RUR can be transferred and removed from the trading accounts up to 5 days.


Goods and services, offered by us as a Merchant are not provided on order or by request of a person or entity, running WebMoney Transfer System. We hereby act as an independent entity providing services and making independent decisions on pricing and offers. Entities, running WebMoney Transfer System do not receive any commission, interest fees or any other awards/refunds for the provided goods or services and are not liable for our activities.

Verification, performed by WebMoney Transfer System only confirms the accuracy of our contact details and proves our identity. Verification is performed by our own free will and doesn't mean or show our connection to the commercial activity of WebMoney Transfer System Operators

6 − Currently being tested for safety applications for withdrawal, which can take no more than an hour during working hours of the Finance Department

7 − The maximum transfer amount per day − 500 USD. The card should always be tied to a bank account from which you make a translation, specify this information in your bank account.

If deposit of funds was from the bank card, withdrawal will be carried out by a bank transfer.

We pay your attention that currency of reception of funds - USD. For transactions in other currencies the bank card issuer will make converting at an internal rate of bank.

8 − The card should always be tied to a bank account from which you make a translation, specify this information in your bank account.

If deposit of funds was from the bank card, withdrawal will be carried out by a bank transfer.

We pay your attention that currency of reception of funds - USD. For transactions in other currencies the bank card issuer will make converting at an internal rate of bank.

9 − Valid up to 4 requests per day from one Сlient, the maximum transfer amount per request - 5000 USD. The card should always be tied to a bank account from which you make a translation, specify this information in your bank account.

If deposit of funds was from the bank card, withdrawal will be carried out by a bank transfer.

We pay your attention that currency of reception of funds - USD. For transactions in other currencies the bank card issuer will make converting at an internal rate of bank.

10 − Processing of payments on bank cards is carried out by processing centers WalletOne, Skrill (Moneybookers), Interkassa and PayOnline System. The appropriate processing center establishes current commissions

11 − The priority systems of withdrawal will be those by which was deposited to the account. In disputable situations withdrawal is carried out only to the bank account.

Remember that according to the international laws on fight against money laundering and terrorism financing, the Сompany doesn't accept payments from the third parties, and also doesn't carry out transfers to the third parties. Deposit and withdrawal funds must be performed by owner of trading account and using only his personal requisites.

WebMoney Transfer - an international payment system and the environment for online business. It is easy in use and at the same time reliable system of money transfers. The system is popular among a huge number of users, and with it is very convenient to perform non-cash payments related to the Forex market. Allows you to quickly, almost instantly produce the transfer of the funds into your account, and a small commission in conjunction with a large number of deposit and withdrawal options of funds increases the attractiveness of this system.

The WebMoney technology is based on provision to all participants of System of common interfaces on direct management of the property rights on the values being stored in the specialized companies — Guarantors.


  • fast transfer of the deposit and absence of restrictions on the deposit;
  • many ways to add funds on Your electronic purse;
  • low commission payment system - 0,8 % is charged from the transfer sum.

Skrill (MoneyBookers) - a leading international payment system, working in the interactive mode, authorized to work with e-money legislation of Great Britain and the EU and regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) in Britain.

This electronic payment system is widely known in many countries and is a quick and convenient way to deposit on trading accounts, and it is possible with it to accept payments from clients from all planet. System allows paying from plastic cards and has constantly being updated during the day exchange rates for fast and cheap converting of your payments. Skrill is the perfect solution for those who are engaged in trading via the Internet, individuals, and all who isn't satisfied by classical mechanisms of payments.


  • speed in implementation of payments;
  • low rates of the commission for implementation of operations;
  • no need for installation of the special software for work in system.

Perfect Money − electronic payment system for cashless payments in the Internet, created in 2007. Legally the system belongs to Perfect Money Finance Corp. registered in Panama, headquarters and operational service − in Zurich.

Perfect Money is the service allowing users to make instant payments and financial operations in the Internet, and opening unique opportunities for the Internet users and owners of the Internet business.

The purpose of Perfect Money is to bring financial operations in the Internet to ideal level! The fundamental platform for the development of Perfect Money was the experience of a group of founders of the company, in which structure included experts in the field of banking, the group of qualified lawyers, economists, programmers team competent of the industry of electronic finance at the level of fundamental dynamics served. Having analysed that way which the mankind overcame from the first rapped-out coin to today's finance corporations in the Internet, the Perfect Money company went further and offered to the world the ideal instrument of payment, applicable in any point of the world by any type of user.


  • security system;
  • efficiency and speed of carrying out transactions;
  • maximum functionality with minimum complexity of using of the payment system.

System CashU, belonging to the well-known in the Arab world the company Maktoob, was founded in 2002. At the present time the system of CashU is the leading payment system in 28 States, the absolute leader in the number of transactions in the Arab region and the Mediterranean coast of Africa without using a credit card or Bank account, as well as in online payments.

System CashU is available to users of Eastern Europe, as well as on the territory of CIS countries. In the system of CashU you can make purchases and pay for services in any currency, but the transaction on the account username will be displayed in US dollars.

With CashU:

  • you do not need a credit / debit card or bank account;
  • you don't need to open any personal information or the financial position;
  • you minimize risks, making payment in real time.

Bank cards and electronic payments with credit cards are the most common way to pay for goods and services. Bank cards are, as a rule, the most convenient and cheap way of depositing of the account on Forex.

In addition to the payment services on the Internet, payment cards can be used in POS terminals and electronic devices, in ATMs. The quantity of the outlets accepting for payment bank credit cards are constantly grows. Cash can be deposited into the account of electronic bank cards in any office of bank or by transfer from other Bank.

Wallet one - universal service of reception of payments, allowing you to make payment in cash, non-cash and electronic money:

  • Wide network of points of reception of cash – more than 300 000 terminals, salons of communication, hypermarkets of electronics, distribution networks, ATMs, offices of Russian Post, Sberbank and other banks;
  • Payment with bank cards of international payment systems VISA and MasterCard, as well as local, such as the NSIEP (National System of Instant Electronic Payments of Ukraine), Smartivi (cards of Liberty Bank of Georgia ) and others;
  • Popular electronic payment systems, such as Yandex. Money, Webmoney, QIWI Purse, and also systems of remote bank service as Alpha click, PSB-Retail, Svyaznoybank, Online Sberbank and others. The convenient interface adapted for mobile devices allows you to use a Wallet one on the screens of mobile phones and tablet computers.

In the Сompany «RVD Markets Limited» processing of payments on bank cards is carried out by the processing center PayOnline. PayOnline System — is a Russian processing company, provides services to electronic trading platforms on the organization of reception of payments from Bank cards. The company is a group of Russian-American company "ITONLINE GROUP", which has more than 270 employees, experts and professionals in IT, usability, marketing, e-Commerce.


  • speed of transfer funds to Your account;
  • no commission for transfer (the commission for converting of currencies is possi-ble);
  • the simplicity of withdrawal funds - ordered funds are transferred to Your card account, and You don't need to open an additional account for payments.

We also remind that the system Skrill (MoneyBookers) allows paying from plastic cards and has constantly being updated during the day exchange rates for fast and cheap converting of your payments.

System of reception payments from INTERKASSA is a universal hardware-software complex, by which are carried out processing operations from the main Internet payment systems: credit cards, e-money Yandex, Webmoney, W1, QIWI, payments from mobile phones, Bank transfer and cash payments in terminals, shops of Euroset, etc.

SWIFT — the cooperative society, created by the Belgian legislation, owned by its members — more than 10000 banks from 209 countries (2010). Each bank included in system, has the unique SWIFT code. This allows you to send funds to any Bank in any country of the world.

SWIFT is the leading international system in the sphere of financial telecommunications, which provides efficient, secure and absolutely reliable transmission of financial messages around the world. In the day by SWIFT passes over a million transactions of money transfers, interbank payments, securities.

To deposit a trading account in «RVD Markets Limited» You can bank by SWIFT-transfer to one of the partner banks.


  • you can receive an invoice for payment, using the interface of your personal account and pay for it in any convenient for You Bank office;
  • no limit on the maximum deposit;
  • low commission – as a rule, banks charge about 1 % from the transfer sum.

«Barclays Bank Seychelles LTD» - is a branch of the bank belonging to the biggest banking group in the world - Barclays Wealth. The Bank is present in 25 countries, including Europe, Africa, America and Asia.

The head Bank Barclays PLC was organized in about 1690. In the Seychelles, Barclays Bank works since 1959. The bank has a large office with representations in 3 main islands of Mahe (2 branches and 1 agency), Praslin (1 branch and 1 agency) and La Digue (an agency).

The network of Barclays banks is one of the world's largest, with the general client assets of 164 billion euro as of December 31, 2011. Barclays, will provide you service in one of the world’s largest and most respected financial institutions.

Baltikums Bank AS was founded on 22 June 2001 in Riga by local entrepreneurs and investors. Today, Baltikums Bank AS is an international private bank that continues to show dynamic development and is represented in key CIS countries and on Cyprus.

Accountability for successful development of your business and increase in wealth is incorporated in each of our organisation’s documents and corporate codes of conduct, and we act according their spirit, not their letter. The tasks you define will be performed in your best interest, objectively, responsibly and in a methodically, in order to establish stable conditions for maintaining and increasing your personal and corporate wealth. This embodies our principles of independence, objectivity and responsibility.

Main goal of bank is not to sell you products and services but to offer you the expertise of professionals backed by the support of a secure private bank, to cooperate on equal footing, and to earn your trust as a strategic partner for the long term.

Bank pays great attention to reliability in our work and in our relations with clients; without it, trust is hard to achieve. Therefore, maintains a low-risk business and have a profitable bank that has shown stable development since its opening. Bank does it very best and always make sure that all products, services and solutions meet reliability criteria for risk management and the protection, maintenance and enhancement of clients wealth.

Tallinn Business Bank was founded in December of 1991 and at present it is one of the oldest commercial banks operating in the Estonian Republic.

Lately the Bank has started to render combined services including settlements and crediting for goods and commodities exchange between the Estonian enterprises and their foreign partners in EC, Ukraine, Russia and USA. The bank is also active in lending and leasing business with agricultural enterprises, complex financing for commercial, industrial and construction companies.

Customers of the bank are offered to place their money into long-term time deposits of different types both in the Euro and foreign currency. The bank has introduced beneficial interest rates and service charges for certain groups of customers.Private banking services provide more individual approach for a customer.

With great history, the HSBC Group is now one of the largest banking and financial services organisations in the world. Headquartered in London, the HSBC Group operates through long-established businesses in Europe, the Asia-Pacific region, the Americas, the Middle East and Africa.

Within each of these geographical regions, the principal businesses operate essentially as domestic banks, supporting local large and medium-sized businesses, as well as global clients of the HSBC Group. Each operation commonly has a large retail deposit base, strong liquidity and capital ratios that enable the local operations to grow.

Through its international network of around 7,500 offices in more than 80 countries and territories, the HSBC Group provides a comprehensive range of financial services to around 89 million personal, commercial, corporate, institutional and private banking clients.

By using HSBC's global reach, businesses are able to access the Group's wide range of products and services and adapt them to local customer needs.

For owners of two and more trading accounts opened within one account in «RVD Markets Limited» Company, transfer of funds is available from one account to another.