Trust management on the FOREX market - is an innovative sector of financial services, which allows the Investor to invest money in the trade experienced and successful Traders. PAMM-service from the «RVD Markets Limited» Company provides a reliable platform for interaction of Traders and Investors, providing the Investor possibility to earn, without having a personal experience of trade in the FOREX market. Trust management is currently the most attractive mechanism for investment in FOREX, quickly gaining popularity among Investors.

Trust management with «RVD Markets Limited» is:

  • The guarantee of the absence of non-trading risks, connected with conducting mutual settlements between Trader and Investor. All calculations are conducted by the Company, the Manager does not have access to the funds of Investors, except trading on PAMM-account. The Investor completely control his managed account having the opportunity to add or withdraw money from it at any time.
  • Easy to use for a wide range of Investors. To invest in PAMM-account does not require any special knowledge and skills of trading on FOREX market. No need to constantly monitor the transactions and to carry out the analysis of the market situation.
  • A wide choice of investment opportunities. Possibility to choose the trading Manager, the public history of trade which creates trust and invest in it for you at a convenient time and conditions. Available system for «invites» - one-time reference to favorable conditions for Investors.
  • The possibility of investing directly in a few PAMM-accounts. Diversifies risks and provides high smoothness of income growth.
  • Flexible system of Partner compensations. Partners can obtain reward both from referring of the trading Manager, and from referring of Investors into already existing accounts. In addition for Partners is available system «invites» - one-time reference to favorable conditions for Investors.
  • Unlimited liquidity in «RVD Markets Limited», which is provided with a wide range of providers of liquidity, the number of which is constantly growing, ensures the flawless execution of trading orders every Manager, how much investment is wouldn't attracted to PAMM-account.

Professionals in the FOREX market will make your investment more profitable with less risk.

Profit received by the Manager in previous periods, can not be a guarantee of future profit.

PAMM-system (from the English Percent Allocation Management Module - control percentage) is designed to ensure the agreed profit sharing between the Investor and Manager. The system of PAMM-accounts distributed, mainly, on the international currency market FOREX. Responsible guarantor of the agreement is Broker, that provides this service.

The principle of work of the PAMM-accounts is quite simple: the trading Manager creates trading PAMM-account, adds his own capital, in the settings sets the amount of commission payments from the profit and other conditions of participation of Investors. In order to attract potential Investors, the Manager should trade for a while only his own capital to demonstrate the profitability and consistency. And only after that Investors can adequately estimate possibilities of the Trader and make the decision on accession to its PAMM to the account.

Deposits with Clients accepted a proposal of managed PAMM-account are transferred at the PAMM-account, where the Manager will trade. After the specified period in the trade, there is an automatic allocation of profits between the Manager and Investors, which is carried out directly by the Broker. Thus, both sides in the form of trust management are protected from fraud.

Before attaching the account to that, or to other trading Manager, it is necessary to analyse his activity properly. Rating and statistics of the PAMM accounts can be considered in details at the appropriate page. On each PAMM-account is realised full visualization of graphical representation of the information. With the help of an Assistant (a set of filters) you can pick up an account that meets Your investment style.

Using the PAMM-service «RVD Markets Limited», You can be sure that trade will only depend of the Manager, and not of the quality of execution of his orders and the Broker.