The «RVD Markets Limited» broker Company is registered on the British Virgin Islands in 2010 and has all necessary certificates and documents on conducting commercial activity. The Company is part of the holding «RVD Capital Holdings Limited» (United Kingdom of great Britain and Northern Ireland), which focuses of providing high quality services on the financial markets.

The Company offers unique trading conditions to all wishing regardless of the initial deposit, volume of trade and type of trading strategy. Our Broker organizes the transfer of Clients orders in the system of Straight Through Processing (STP) directly to providers of liquidity. As the сommission charged for this, is the main source of income, we are directly interested in the growth of trading volumes.

Profitable trading of our Clients, increase the amount of attracted funds on deposits are necessary conditions for successful business of the Company. For this purpose we strive to provide Traders with the best conditions possible in the forex market for retail Clients: tight spreads, low commissions and execution of transactions in accordance with the standards of regulated global exchanges. A lot of work which is carried out with software developers and aggregators, allows unlimited increase the liquidity of our own electronic communications network (ECN) and expand the list of spot trading tools, providing high quality access to services based on advanced technologies.

We don't assume the risks connected with clearing (internal overlapping) transactions of our Clients, and we cannot theoretically go bankrupt in connection with trading results of our Clients.

Special attention is paid to the work with Clients and strives to maximally satisfy their needs and wishes, ensuring, thus, personality-oriented approach to each Client. We guarantee full transparency and confidentiality in relations with Clients.

Regulation of activity on the international Forex market in different countries are engaged in the government regulatory authorities or non-state non-governmental organizations. List of financial regulatory authorities of specific countries can be found here.

For example, in the U.S. regulator of the FOREX market with the recent time is «Com-modity Futures Trading Commission» (CFTC). Regulation of trade operations and consideration of financial claims in the event of a conflict situations performs a non-governmental self-governing organization NFA-national futures association, which performs licensing and audit of all brokers, the members of NFA. Two years ago, the CFTC had been approved by all known rules of the First In/First Out (FIFO), that is trading on the exchange principle and No Hedging Rule, required to perform all the forex brokers, members of the NFA. The details and consequences of such restrictions in the retail Forex market of brokerage companies in the United States you can find in the next article.

As to activity regulation on the market of FOREX SPOT in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Moldova and other countries of the CIS it is possible to declare unequivocally, that in the absence of the relevant financial legislation:


However, some broker companies nevertheless provide the licenses regulating stock exchange activity in a particular jurisdiction and protecting the rights of citizens first of all of this country.

This kind of licenses for conducting of broker-dealer activity with securities and their derivatives were received by the same Company which is registered in Ukraine and a part of RVD holding.

License for broker activity
License for dealer activity

There are also quite funny, from the legal point of view that non-state organizations and associations on the legal status, based by brokers who are regulate itself. Such a precedent is taking place only at the expanse of the CIS countries. Impartiality in decision-making in favor of traders in such "authorities" rather speaks for itself.

For example, at the present time the Central Bank of Russia will hold a series of control measures for the actions of brokers and dealing centers, including the regulation of their relations with the traders, without limiting by no means freedom at carrying out foreign exchange transactions.

Almost all retail Forex brokers and dealing centers on the territory of the CIS are offshore companies, and companies representing their interests on the territory of the CIS countries, are consulting companies-partners of the offshore parent companies. The primary aim of such legal scheme of the organization of the business is optimization of the taxation, and also an important factor is the inaccessibility of the corrupted state structures, full confidentiality of broker clients, as an offshore broker company is not a tax agent in the countries of residence of their own clients.

In edition of «Газеты.Ru» 26.01.2011г. was an online interview with the head of the Federal service for financial markets, Vladimir Milovidov in which he stated the following - "I consider that the market "Forex" should be regulated. This requires changes in the law. And it is a question obviously interdepartmental. In their part of the FFMS of taking action, I have already spoken about the fact that a number of provisions of the law on the stock market as part of the derivative financial instruments may be used for the qualification of transactions with foreign currency in the Forex market of derivative financial instruments can be used for qualifying trans-actions with currency in the Forex market. Indeed, this work is now in the beginning. I think that if really question of a single regulatory body will be resolved, then it will be a good occasion to raise the issue of regulation on the Forex market. But even without that decision, I think we share with other authorities, the Central Bank makes sense to think about how to regulate («Газета.Ru»).

From the foregoing, it is obvious that all attempts of the state regulation on the Forex market in Russia are still in the early stages of development and in the nearest time will not develop into something constructive.

Anyway, offshore companies will be not available in any case for state regulatory bodies of the CIS countries even if they try to regulate the activities in the FOREX market, because in these countries only will be consulting partners-companies, the activity of which does not require licensing in the countries of the CIS, and these companies-partners are advertising agents offshore broker companies and attract a considerable share of the trader and investor's capital of the broker company.

One of offshore brokers companies FinCib ltd even made own legal examination, operating absolutely legitimately:

The answer from FFMS of Russia on March 23, 2010

The answer from FFMS and CBR on April 22, 2010

Certificate of Federal tax service

The position of our Company is that we, being originally an offshore financial holding Company, consisting of several different jurisdictions, offshore companies, last year registered the Company in the UK and in the process of gathering all necessary documents and perform all ap-propriate the conditions required for submission on application for financial license FULL TYPE in the UK, in the area of regulation of the FSA. After obtaining a license FSA, our Clients will have the right to decide in which of the holding companies open an account: in a regulated UK company or in offshore for reasons of confidentiality own investments.

We do not break the financial legislation of the countries where the activity on the FOREX is still regulated!

At the moment we categorically do not open the accounts of the citizens of the United Kingdom and the United States of America, in order not to violate the rules of the FSA, the NFA and СFTC, as it is done by many other brokers of FOREX SPOT of the offshore jurisdictions, some of them have been suffered from serious penalties NFA.

Indirect guarantee of safety funds in our Broker Company is the principle of our brokerage activity, type of our Brokerage - through-processing all transactions of our Clients, ranging from the minimum volume of 0.01 lots or 1000, providers of liquidity nodes-hubs of the aggregation system Currenex and Integral, trade streams which are united by us in the aggregator on principle BBO-Best Bid Offer on every tick, so you get the best prices from our liquidity providers.

We don't assume the risks connected with clearing (internal overlapping) transactions of our Clients, and we cannot theoretically go bankrupt in connection with trading results of our Clients.

P.S. Even a licensed broker, if takes risks of clearing clients can going broke itself, that's whas happened with the oldest on the date of the founding of the broker company of the world MF Global («РИА»).

The brokerage Company «RVD Markets Limited» is the dynamically developing in the world monetary-financial market project, which is constantly improving its services and business terms. The Company keeps up to date, opening the new horizons of internet-trading.

Now we have all necessary conditions for satisfaction of requirements of each target group of Clients - from beginning Traders to the institutional Clients in need of VIP conditions and an individual approach.

The «RVD Markets Limited» Company invites on individual conditions for the promotion and joint development in the financial market Forex of all interested persons, in particular:

  • Partners with the developed client base;
  • Managers with Investors;
  • The developers of the TS with the base of subscribers;
  • Investors in company development;
  • Professionals in the business for work in staff.

The highest quality of Client service, with the professionalism of the Company staff, will give you all conditions for development of your business in the international currency market together with us!

RVD Markets Limited

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