The partnership program is a form of cooperation between «RVD Markets Limited» Company and its Partners in the scheme BROKER-INTRODUCING BROKER (PARTNER), CLIENT, aimed at attraction of customers and implementation of information-advertising activity on promotion of Company's services.

The Partner - legal or the individual, independently and at own expense carrying out activities for inviting new Clients in «RVD Markets Limited» Company.

Referring customers to a the Company, a Partner receives a commission fee. Than more Clients are involved, than more volume of their transactions and the more his profit - the more rate of commission of the Partner. Once the Client involved as the Partner is assigned to it on all the time of work of the Client through the Company that creates preconditions for stable growth of the Partner's commission.

The partnership program gives opportunity to earn in the Internet without financial investments from you. This type of partnership does not require any special knowledge in trading, but at the same time it lets to get high partnership fee from the «RVD Markets Limited» Company.

The «RVD Markets Limited» Company represents one-level system of assignments from the commissions of the Clients referred by you. It does not matter trades whether newly attracted Client on his own trading account, creates a PAMM-account or invest in PAMM-accounts of other Clients. Partnership assignments are charged according to the table below.

The volume of transactions made by the referred Clients, lots Partnership payments (from the total commission on Partner accounts),%
up to 300 20*
from 300 and up to 3000 40*
more than 3000 60*


For example, if the Trader referred by you, will make transactions on the EURUSD on his ordinary trading account with the volume of 100 lots, on his PAMM-account (a share of the Master-investment account) − 50 lots, and also invests in PAMM-accounts of other Clients which trading on his share, will give him additional 70 lots of trade volume, your agency compensation will be:

220 (trading volume) * 6,5 (comission for 1 lot on pair EURUSD) * 40% (percent of compensation from comission on partneship account) = 572 USD.

The partnership program for referrring Investors in PAMM-accounts is a great tool for creating a decent passive income, which allows a Manager to establish partnership relations with any Client of the Company. The program includes a flexible and convenient system of compensations of Partners from the profit of the Manager. The partnership program of PAMM-accounts allows the Manager to establish partnership with any Client of the Company. Also the program includes the flexible and convenient system of compensation of Partners thanks to which the Manager and Partners can control the payment of bonuses.

The number of levels of the partneship program and percent of assignments on each of them in this case is established by the Manager in proposal parameters.The minimum assignment from profit of the Trader is established by default and is equal to 10%, maximum - 90%. Besides, the Manager can create "invitations" - one-time references to preferential terms.

The scheme of distribution of compensations proceeding from settings of the Manager may look like this:

Amount of attracted funds, USD Compensation of the agent from the Trader'sprofit, %
1000 10
5000 20
15000 30
30000 40
50000 50

Suppose, profit distribution according to the proposal between Investor and Manager 50%/50%, the amount of investments of the Investor attracted by you is 5000 USD. The Trader in the proposal established 20% of assignments for this level of the partnership program and in a month increased the deposit on 30%.

Additional compensation of the Partner will be:

1500 (profit of the referred Investor) * 50% (share of the Manager in the profit PAMM) * 20% (compensation from profit of the Trader) = 150 USD

Besides it is necessary to remember that participation in the Program of referring Investors to PAMM-accounts doesn't cancel charges according to the Program of referring new Clients and, thus, you can receive additional assignments as from volume of the Manager (Master-Invest account), and from a share of volume of the Investor in PAMM (Investment - account) if they are referred to the Company according to your referral link.