How is calculating commissions?

Commission for a round-turn trade for 1 lot (100 000 USD) – 5 USD i.e., the commission is calculated on the turnover in dollars and can be changed respectively as in the smaller and bigger side, depending on the pair traded and quotes.

For example EURUSD Rate = 1.30000, i.e., when you buy 1 lot (100,000 euros), your commission will be = 6.5 (5 * 1.30000 because to buy 100,000 euros you sell 130,000 dollars, and for example for a pair of NZDUSD commission will be only about 4.311 dollars (0.8622 * 5).

About crosses: the first currency is the currency of the lot, accordingly, the commission will be calculated on the basis of the quotation of the currency to the dollar. For example when opening a transaction on GBPCAD, the approximate exchange rate at the moment of the opening of GBP to USD = 1.6000, i.e. in this case the commission = 8 USD (5*1.6000)