Scheduler of rollover and TI

Tab Management section "My PAMM-accounts" next to the right of the PAMM-account in the list "Action" select - "Scheduler"

You can set the rollover\TI in any working day and time. To set the values in several sections for convenience, you can use the tab "Assistant" in the lower right hand corner of the table.

The threshold - is set in minutes, min. 3 minutes. This that time in which occurs rollover\TI already arranged requests. The new requests submitted on this period aren't processed. For example, the rollover is set at 16:00 with a threshold 5 minutes. The requests submitted till 15.55 will be processed at 16:00. The requests submitted to the period from 15:55 till 16:00 won't be processed in this rollover, and will pass to the following. We recommend to establish the minimum value of a threshold.

Send sms - at the appointed time of rollover will come sms information about the last rollover. Also, 15 minutes prior to rollover will come sms if in this rollover will be deposit\withdrawal to your PAMM-account or liquidation of Invest account