Proposal of PAMM-account

For creating trading proposal PAMM-account we need to select from the list of PAMM "Create/view proposals of PAMM account", then select tab Add proposal

Proposal parameters:

  • "Public" - placing checkbox in this section, the proposal becomes public, i.e. active for investing.
  • "Registration is open" - responsible for the availability in PAMM of creating investment accounts.
  • "Deposit funds" - availability of PAMM for deposit funds by Investors.
  • "Show invest-password" - is responsible for opening\hiding invest password from MT4 to Investor.
  • "Minimum deposit\withdrawal" - minimal size of deposit\withdrawal funds of Investor in your PAMM after the first deposit.
  • "Level of proposal" - defines% of compensation to Manager relative amount invested by Investor. For example, when settings of proposal 500 USD - 40% means that the minimum initial investment amount is 500 USD, at a profit on the account - Manager gets 40% of profits, Investor 60%.
  • Please note that you can create multiple levels with different parameters.

Available operations with proposal:

  1. "View\Edit details of proposal" - opportunity to change settings of proposal, adding new levels and more.
  2. "Set as a public" - available for inactive proposal.
  3. "Send an invitation to Investor" - available if registration is open for proposal. In this section, you can select a proposal and specify backoffice for sending an invitation to invest in your PAMM.
  4. "Enable\disable of depositing funds from Investors" - allows either provide or deny access for investment in your PAMM by this proposal.

Basic provisions which are necessary for taking into consideration:

  • Only one proposal can be the active. I.e. is that proposal on which you accept investments. With this you can create a different number of proposals and activate the one at which you want to work at the moment.
  • You cannot worsen the conditions of investment of the already existing proposal. For example, initially you established profit percent to the Manager = 40 %, in this case the system will not allow you to use in this proposal a different value- 41%,42%,...,50% and etc. While 35% is quite acceptable. To change ("worsening") conditions you need to create a new proposal.
  • The Investor who once has accepted your proposal, will forever work at these conditions till liquidation his own Invest account. I.e. if you closing this proposal, activating new, the Investor in any case will continue work on old conditions.