Creating and Editing the settings of PAMM accounts

Opening PAMM account is done in Backoffice - Managment - Open a PAMM account. You should fill in the required fields with the name and select leverage. After opening PAMM account we find ourselves in a section My PAMM accounts, where available to us all PAMM accounts which were opened by us

Available actions:

  • "View account details" - in this subsection we can change passwords of the accounts and leverage.
  • "View statistics on the account" - statistics on the account in graphics is available.
  • "View/edit schedule of rollover" - so-called scheduler, in which we set the time of the rollover or Trading interval. In more details about its settings is described here.
  • "Create/view proposal of PAMM account" - the section of creation proposls.
  • "View sent invitations to PAMM account" - here you can monitor all your sent out invitations for investments in your PAMM account. As well as available information on accepted and activated invitation.
  • "Activate PAMM account" - function is used for activation of PAMM accounts in the system and to start trade on it.
  • "Liquidate PAMM account" - if you decided not to manage PAMM account, it is possible to liquidate it. In this case, all of your personal funds and funds of Investors will get on transitory accounts.
  • "Publish PAMM account" - action is available after activation of PAMM account.

Publishing account, you agree with registration of your PAMM account in the system, forum and monitoring. All Investors will be able to invest in your PAMM. If you want to temporarily trade only your capital or make PAMM exclusive invitation only, it is not necessary to make PAMM public.